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        1. 服務熱線:86-513-81188826


          主要特性The main characteristics:
          強化機身結構 Strengthen the body structure 
          Body parts by finite element structural design (FEM); reference guide rail uses the whole super audio quenching, with surface affixed import guide soft belt, ensure the feeding component of micro wear sports, keep for a long time, high precision and high stability.
          全齒式主軸箱 Full gear head 
          The spindle drive used in all more than 6 class gear, with the 12 speed speed control, ensure strong cutting under different conditions.
          選配附件 Optional accessories 
          臺灣氣動鎖刀器Pneumatic lock cutter for production in Taiwan

          項  目 單位 YJ-XK1200YJ-XK1600
          1工作臺尺寸 mm1800×4502200×450
          Worktable area
          2工作臺最大承載 kg12001500
          Worktable max. load
          3T型槽 mm18×5×8518×5×85
          T slot (width×distance)
          4X、Y、Z向行程 mm1200×600×6001600×600×600
          X、Y、Z-zxis travel
          5主軸端至工作臺面尺寸 mm50~65050~650
          Spindle end to table top
          6主軸中心至立柱尺寸 mm550550
          Spindle center to column
          7主軸錐孔 NT50NT50
          Spindle nose taper
          8主軸轉速 rpm50~1720(12檔Stalls)50~1720(12檔Stalls)
          Spindle speed
          9主軸電機 kw99
          Main motor
          10換刀方式 手動/氣動鎖刀(選配) 手動/氣動鎖刀(選配) 
          Tool changer wayManual /Pneumatic lock(Selection)Manual /Pneumatic lock(Selection)
          11數控系統 M70、GSK218M
          CNC controller
          12機床外形尺寸 mm2420×3000×26752420×3600×2675
          Overall dimension 
          13機床凈重 kg57006000
          Machine weight

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